Our story begins with a journey to faraway Australia

We are 2 Italian girls, we love climbing, we love pilates and yoga, and for different reasons we traveled and lived across Australia in the same period but in separate ways.

During a weekend, we met at a yoga event and that’s how our great friendship was born.

Since then we shared unforgettable travel experiences, we lived new adventures and met interesting people, especially in the sports field. In Australia we both had the opportunity to learn more about our favorite sports and about new trend

idrojal storia
idrojal e sport

One day some friends told us about hydrogen-rich water and its benefits for those who especially practice sports and so we didn’t hesitate to try it and include it in our daily lives, thus discovering its benefits day after day. But after a few weeks we realized that hydrogen water devices were heavy and bulky .They weren’t really practical for people like us who decided to integrate hydrogen water into their daily diet and wanted to always carry it with them.

So one day we decided to take a trip to Japan (we knew that Japan is the country where the benefits of hydrogen-rich water were studied for the first time...) and after a while we finally found a young and dynamic company!

We started a collaboration and IDROJAL in the end was born. Idrojal is a portable water generator able to transform simple water into hydrogen water in just 3 minutes. Then we decide to return to Italy.

Now our goal is to spread these benefits for the health of sportsmen and non-sportsmen worldwide. 


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